The amplifier is CE approved and has 2 years warranty.


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Dual Channel HV Amplifier with Phase Inverter A400DI

high-voltage linear amplifier F10A

This unit contains two independent A400 amplifiers that share common ground reference and power supply. Please see A400 page for technical details.

It features also a low voltage phase inverter that inverts the signal applied to the input of channel 1. The resulting signal can then be connected to the input of channel 2 by means of a short BNC cable (supplied). As a result the two outputs operate in counter-phase. Connecting a load between the outputs effectively doubles the amplitude range. Please note that the load cannot have any connection to ground. Also, in order to see the signal over the load you must use two oscilloscope probes and use the math funtion.

The phase inverter is present in models A400DI and A800DI. The idea is illustrated below:

bridge connection