The amplifier is CE approved and has 2 years warranty.


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High Voltage Linear Amplifier A800X

high-voltage linear amplifier A800X with two inputs

This unit is a version of A800 amplifier equipped with two inputs, DC-offset and output atenuation.

Please see A800 page for technical details of the high voltage amplifier part.


Input A is a normal non-inverting one. Using this input alone makes A800X functionally identical with A800 amplifier.

Input B can act as a inverting or non-inverting depending on the position of the corresponding switch.


Applying different signals to both input results in their amplified sum or difference:

superposition of inputs

A800X oscilloscope example

DC offset

A DC level, adjustable within 0...+10V range, is provided on the front panel from two BNC contacts marked “OFFSET OUT”. Both contacts are internally connected to simplify monitoring of the output. For bipolar operation the DC level should be supplied to ±B input. Please note that the maximum total amplitude of superposed A and B signals should stay within ±4V range, otherwise clipping will occur.

Output attenuation

By means of dedicated switch the output can be attenuated 100 times (-40dB) for safe handling.