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National Instruments LabVIEW library for
Waveform Generator WFG600

LabVIEW library

Please feel free to download the library of LabView modules for the Waveform Generator. Three examples are included in the package. The software will run on any platform under LabVIEW version 6 (some parts can also be used under LabVIEW 5.1.1).

This software has been developed in-house by FLC Electronics AB.


WFG500/WFG600 LabVIEW Core Driver Library

This core driver library has been reviewed and certified by National Instruments.

The driver can be downloaded from National Instruments "Instrument Driver Network" site

Search for manufacturer "FLC Electronics" and model WFG500. The same diriver works also with WFG600. The direct link is:

The Core Driver Library rev 1.0 posted at National Instrument's site does not include Toolbox Library.

WFG500/WFG600 Core Driver Library with Toolbox Library

LabVIEW version

This driver is written for use with LabVIEW version 6 and higher. The current version at the time of this writing is LV 6.0.2. It requires VISA version 2.5 which comes standard with LV6. For the Macintosh a patch is available (see below).

System requirements and settings

- Macintosh: If you are using VISA version 2.5 which comes standard with LabVIEW 6i (and its upgrade to 6.0.2), download the "NI-VISA Passports" patch for the VISA serial port communication and install it in the extensions folder of your system folder. No further settings are required. The patch allows the function viSetBuf to change the size of the input buffer up to 32KB. The patch can be found at on National Instruments web site. A copy can also be fetched here.

- Windows 95/98/2000/ME: Open the control panels and select the "system" item. Open the panel for the serial port you want to use, e.g. COM1. In the tab "settings" click the button "advanced". Set the sliders for the buffer (for windows 2000/ME these are radio buttons) to the lowest setting.

- UNIX and LINUX: The driver has not been tested on these platforms.



 Files for the old WFG400 Waveform Generator contain the Core Library only:



NOT RECOMMENDED FOR NEW DESIGNS. Previously posted beta version of driver libraries including examples. Works with LabView 5.

The communication VIs in this library use a workorund serial communication bug in LabView 5. The library uses higher level VIs and does not comply to Nationa Instruments' requirements for a core library. (1.3Mb)

The modules and examples are described in HTML format and in pdf.

The core driver library back-ported to LabView version 5.1 (Windows only; Macintosh requires a LabView 6 patch for the VISA serial port):