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Waveform Generator WFG600 software for Mac OS9

Mac OS9 screen

Development of Waveform Generator software for Macintosh has been discontinued. Present version requires a Macintosh model with a serial port and System 7, 8 or 9.  

WFG500 and WFG600

WfGen 5.1.12 PP .sit (uses "printer" serial port)


WfGen 5.1.12 MP .sit (uses "modem" serial port)



The last release version for WFG400 waveform generator.

WaveformGenerator rev 4.5 .sea

(160k, self-extracting archive)

Version 5 of the software recompiled for the use with WFG400. Some funtions, like matrix driving, multiple burst, programmable scripts, etc., will not be understood by the WFG400 controller which will respond with an error LED.

WfGen 5.1.12 wfg400 PP.sit