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Waveform Generator WFG600 software for Windows

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Revision 3.14

For Windows NT/2000/ME/XP/Vista/7

Posted February 25, 2014. If you wish to be notified by email about new updates - just request it!


Help folder

Manual for WFG500 model (included in Help folder)


Manual for WFG600 model


To install please put the waveform_generator.exe application together with unzipped "Help" folder in any chosen directory on your hard disk.

The application searches for help and manual files in the same directory it resides. If not successful, it then tries to reach these files on FLC Electronics server on the internet.

Please select the model of your waveform generator, output voltage and communication port from the startup screen when running the software for the first time. The setup dialog can also be accessed from File > Preferences... menu.

preference dialog

Obsolete models:

If you own WFG400 model please use File->Preferences to set the communication port and speed 19200 baud instead of 57600 baud for the WFG500/WFG600; please also note that starting from rev 2.6 the software uses data compression in communication, which is not supported by the WFG400. Use menu File->Preferences to choose your WFG model.

Older versions of software for Windows98, etc. are available on request.