Main features

2-8 channels

High voltage, high speed

Low impedance outputs

Undisturbed waveform editing during operation

Individual pulse width

User friendly software with unique features

2 years warranty

Lifetime free software updates

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High Voltage 2-channel Waveform Generator WFG600-2

two channels waveform generator zoom on WFG600-2 zoom on WFG600-8

WFG600-2 is a two-channel version of the Waveform Generator WFG600 has the same characteristics and functionality as the eight-channel model. Full description can be found on WFG600 main page.

The two channels are intentionally numbered "1" and "5" in order to allow the electrode matrix driving functionality. In the 8-channel version, channels 1-4 act as column drivers and channels 5-8 act as row drivers.