pixel = A-B
pixel = B-A

Choose how the superposition of the A and B waveforms should be calculated: as A-B (the default) or as B-A.

Mark sequences...

Draw a thin vertical line every N pulses in the superposition display. You will be prompted for the value of N.

Use it, for example, to mark line addressing times.

Choose this menu item again to remove the marks.

Shortcut: Alt-click to select entire sequence of pulses between the marks.

Zoom in
Zoom out
Zoom 1:1

Alter the scale of the waveform display.

Shortcut: Buttons above time units. The current zoom ratio is shown at the bottom of the window.

Set grid

Hierarchical menu.

Chose the size of the support grid for drawing pulse amplitudes. It automatically calls Snap to grid and, if the grid is not too dense to display, Show grid.

Set grid » equal steps...

You will be prompted for the grid size. The positive and negative values are symmetrical by default.

Shortcut: ctrl- Y

Set grid » same as other waveform

Make the grid in the active waveform exactly the same as in the non active waveform.

Snap to grid

The value of a currently edited pulse amplitude is adjusted to the nearest grid level. The grid does not have to be visible.

Show grid

Make the grid visible.

Choose this menu item again to hide the grid.